One year older!

                  Saturday, December 8, 2012

October and November have been busy months!  In the last 3 weeks, we have celebrated three birthdays in our household, and I remind you we are only a family of three!  So from November 17th - December 6th its been a party at the Thompson's!  Eden Beaden turned 1!  Mark turned 31 on December 1st, and I am now 29!  We are really growing up around here.

Eden didn't get to enjoy birthday cake on her big day since two nights before we found ourselves in the hospital with a dehydrated baby thanks to a bad case of 'the big D."  With the addition of a bi-lateral ear infection we figured it a smart thing to skip Eden's first major dose of sugar.  Sorry E.  I plan on baking you your own mini cake very soon and we'll celebrate all three birthdays proper with some cake.

Here are a few pictures from Eden's first year with us.  (To see more pics you can jump over to my personal blog since I inadvertently uploaded the intended pictures for this blog over there).  

Eden's first hike.  Bell Canyon, Wasatch Front with Susan and her kiddos visiting from England in July.

Trying to get Daddy's attention when he's trying to take a nap.  School wears him out.
Eden on an early spring time walk.  A mini hippie.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as glad can be!

Eden's 1st Birthday and trip to the Springfield Zoo.  She loves looking at the animals and clicks her tongue whenever she sees any animal because she saw us doing it when we took her to see some horses.  Smart and funny girl.

Sunny days sweeping the clouds away...

                  Friday, November 23, 2012

Eden has developed quite the attachment to Sesame Street.  Its fun to observe her and her obvious love of music.  Here are some of our favorites.  Maybe your kid(s) will like them as much as our does.

Bert and Ernie's "" hair cracks me up.  I love the subtle comedy that is weaved throughout almost everything Sesame Street does.  It makes it entertaining for adults as well as kids.  

Keep the fun songs coming Sesame Street!

The Surprises of Parenthood #728

                  Friday, November 23, 2012

A small cry comes from the darkened room.  The sound itself pulls at the strings of my heart reminding me of the transformation that occurred when I became a mother a little more than one year back.  Her cry persists for only a second before she nods off back to sleep.  The warmth generated inside my soul carries on much longer than my baby's short moment of wakefulness.

It is a rare occasion tonight as I find myself alone.  I am glad for the solitude that allows me to savor the feelings that are stirred inside my heart by the sound of my baby's cry.

For nine months we wondered what our progeny was going to look like.  Mark had a notion of what he thought she could look like.  Me... well, I didn't even dare to imagine.  Trying to comprehend the monumental task that lay before me that I had no less willingly wrought upon myself was enough of riddle to me that I didn't attempt to solve another of what our baby was going to look like.  The only thing I was sure of was that life was permanently changed, never again to be like I had known it.

When she was born I didn't feel an instantaneous bond.  Whether that was from the anesthesia from Eden's arrival into the world via cesarian birth or just a slower awakening of my maternal instincts I do not know.  Despite the anesthesia though I remember when I gazed on my baby and touched her for the first time since leaving the operating room thinking to myself, "so this is my daughter."  I felt relief that the journey of pregnancy was over and that E had arrived safely.  She was healthy and living proof of the miracle of creation that Heavenly Father granted us.  After nine months of pregnancy, we were finally at our beginning of being parents.

Eden crying tonight reassures me that even in her sleep I am now bonded to this little person.  Her cry brings images of her smile, glowing countenance, sweet face, babbling voice and toddling little legs into my mind making me anxious for when she will again wake in the morning so that we can start another day of adventure and discovery while we laugh, cuddle, play, and feel the love that accompanies our family of three.

Adding on to the list of "The Surprises of Parenthood" is your infant's soft cry in the night is actually a lovely, little, sweet, tender thing.  Who knew?!

Cows, Goats, Rabbits, and Chickens

                  Sunday, October 28, 2012

On an evening walk not too long ago, Mark and I were playing one of my favorite childhood games that has carried over into adulthood.  You know the game we could probably be safe calling "When I grow up my life is going to be like this."  

But since we are already grown up, we played the "What do you want our life to be like after physical therapy school?"version.  

By the end of the game, we jointly decided that post physical therapy school we would like to live in a mountainous, somewhat rural area in a modest home, on some acreage, with a garden substantial enough to collect most of our own produce, some fruit trees, a cow or two, some goats, chickens, rabbits, and maybe a few other minor details that escape me.

Often I, Amanda, have been disappointed with the discrepancy that exists between the kind of life I want to live and the actual life I am living.  I'm not talking about the big stuff - it goes without saying that I don't love living off student loan money, collecting debt, living too far away from family.  Those are necessary parts of this stage of life for our family.  Real choices we have made to benefit our family in the long run.  What I am talking about is how I spend my time day to day.  The small decisions that ultimately shape what kind of wife, mother, and friend I am and will be.

To assume that I could jump from my life as a stay at home mom while my husband goes to school all day and studies all night to a future life of working in the garden, feeding the livestock, maintaining the pasture, and taking care of even more kids than we have now would be absurd.

Sometimes it takes some time of being disappointed with oneself before real action is taken.  No matter what, it takes courage and discipline to change.  In a small way, this new family blog is an attempt to help us make that change. 

One of the changes we are making concerns Facebook.  Facebook has become an unnecessarily large presence in our home.  In an attempt to fill our lives (mostly mine because Mark deserves accolades for his accomplishments at school) with more productivity and increase the number of quality time activities we are ditching Facebook.  We have discussed the issue and believe despite some of the blessings of Facebook it is in the overall best interest of our family to kick it to the curb.  Hopefully, this blog will help you stay up to date with our family, our achievements, milestones, and if I am brave enough to write about such things, even our trials and heartaches.  

The people in our families that have lived in earlier generations have displayed extraordinary character which is no doubt attributed in part to hard work.  Our technological society has changed the way we live and interrelate with one another.  I understand that our goals as a family will not be accomplished merely by eliminating Facebook.  I think it would do much good for the development of our family to simplify and filter the things that we allow to enter our home.  By so doing, when the time comes for land, cows, goats, chickens, oh yeah, and even more Mini-Marks running around, we will be better prepared to put our shoulder to the wheel.

I have a tendency to beat a dead horse.  I think we can consider this one beaten (notice there were no horses on our farm... now you know)! 

Anyhow, WELCOME TO OUR NEW FAMILY BLOG.  We are excited to document some of the happenings of our family.  For those of you that may also have blogs, leave a link in the comment section so we may follow along with you too.  We look forward to more face-to-face social time, emails, phone calls, altogether a more genuine and in-depth way to stay connected with our friends and family.