One year older!

                  Saturday, December 8, 2012

October and November have been busy months!  In the last 3 weeks, we have celebrated three birthdays in our household, and I remind you we are only a family of three!  So from November 17th - December 6th its been a party at the Thompson's!  Eden Beaden turned 1!  Mark turned 31 on December 1st, and I am now 29!  We are really growing up around here.

Eden didn't get to enjoy birthday cake on her big day since two nights before we found ourselves in the hospital with a dehydrated baby thanks to a bad case of 'the big D."  With the addition of a bi-lateral ear infection we figured it a smart thing to skip Eden's first major dose of sugar.  Sorry E.  I plan on baking you your own mini cake very soon and we'll celebrate all three birthdays proper with some cake.

Here are a few pictures from Eden's first year with us.  (To see more pics you can jump over to my personal blog since I inadvertently uploaded the intended pictures for this blog over there).  

Eden's first hike.  Bell Canyon, Wasatch Front with Susan and her kiddos visiting from England in July.

Trying to get Daddy's attention when he's trying to take a nap.  School wears him out.
Eden on an early spring time walk.  A mini hippie.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as glad can be!

Eden's 1st Birthday and trip to the Springfield Zoo.  She loves looking at the animals and clicks her tongue whenever she sees any animal because she saw us doing it when we took her to see some horses.  Smart and funny girl.

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